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The Fugitive

I have music for this ditty already, which I'll put out there later, but wanted to see if anyone saw room for improvement with the lyric.



His steel toe pressed down to the floor

of his nineteen-ninety seven Ford               

His eyes were fixed on the rearview mirror

He’d hoped the cops would chase him down

When he fled the scene, West out of town

But no one came, just as he had feared




Run and run and run but you can’t hide

From the worst of the worst of the worst of your crimes

We’re all just fugitives from truth

Don’t matter who you’re lying to




He stopped to wait beneath Big Sky

No friends or faith to help this time

Just the dust mixed with sweat and blood

Should I die or live he asked

Looking up, he heard no answer

I ain’t bad, Lord, though I sure as hell ain’t good






He ended up in a roach motel

A hundred miles down the road

No one there would ever know his face

He got to thinking he could start again

Go to church, confess, repent

Testify, bathe in Good God’s grace






If you want to make God laugh

You should tell him all your plans

He must have been there in that motel

An ember fell from his cigarette

The room lit up, the flames spread

After all, he ended up in hell



Eric Larson · 329 days ago
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The Fugitive