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Take my time

I'mma take my time
I'mma love ya right,
But I'mma make it last all night,
If you think it's to much now, just wait on me, when it's over you'll b fine. Waiting for the sun to raise you'll be wishing for a break,
But you'll love it when I take my time an love ya right, UnTill tomorrow comes an the sun shines honey.
I'mma lock the doors and hide with ya, I'mma make ya smile, everyone's gonna know I took my time on ya,
There's no way around it
I'mma make you mine,
So baby slow down an let me grind with ya, let's take our time, enjoy this ride because baby I'mma do ya right, imma make your life, I'm set you straight.
Let's not wasite our time, lets get down to it an I'll have you loving me all night

Crystal Flahardy · 894 days ago
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04.18.2018 (894 days ago)
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Take my time