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and I know I have to be strong

for everyone I love

but sometimes it gets so hard

and I know everything happens

for a reason

but that's a cliche I don't need

And when I'm strong,

I feel so weak

But I only care for everybody but me

and sometimes when I have to be strong,

strong for those I love

I falter and I give in

and maybe someday I will see

what they say they see

when they look at me

And when I'm strong,

I hide my pain

So no one knows

that I still blame myself

-spoken interlude-

but sometimes I start to doubt myself;

I become afraid of myself,

afraid of who I am,
 and who I'm becoming

And the worst part is

it doesn't even faze me

I'm not scared anymore and I accept my failures

Deep down I know who I am,

I know the pain I feel
 and I know who causes it,

and I know who can end it

At the end of the day

when the sun finally sets,

I'm not scared of myself- I'm scared of what's to come

-end of interlude-

And now I'm finally seeing

what I've been fearing,

I see myself

and maybe when I am dying

I'll find a moment

where I can have peace

And when I'm strong,

I don't have to hide

I can ignore
 what I feel inside 

but until then...

Michael Sanderson · 1217 days ago
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