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Now that all the young men wear sneakers

one thing is for sure.

No one’s going downtown to get

a shoeshine anymore.

Some truths are better taken as given 

simply, as up and down.

Why wrestle which one is which

in the battle of the lost and found?


So many of us lost 

hold out hope of being found,

at worst leading lives of those 

already in the ground.

No matter how we justify 

leaving the poor alone

we cannot deny their spirits 

no different from our own.


I’ll give each friend a second thought.

I’d appreciate the same.

I’ll share the light we hold in common lest I bear the blame.

Another chance is all we hope for as our end is near

the angels whom you turn away someday may re-appear

before you’ve gone!

Dutch Knickerbocker · 469 days ago
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