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Stolen dream

Once upon a time
I crossed the line
To break your heart in two
Thought that we were through

She walked in the bar
Revealing her charms
She froze me to the spot
Who I was, I soon forgot

What was I doing
Where was I going
How long it would take
There was no way of knowing

The ice quickly broke
In a laugh and a joke
When she took my hand
And made me understand

What we were I saying
What game we were playing
How far would it go
There was no way of saying

Wrapped up in a moment
of an afterthought
I knew I'd been hooked
I knew i'd been caught

I was in her trance
Underneath her spell
Knocked off balance
I quickly fell

Seizing the moment
Behind the scenes
I was right in the middle
Of a stolen dream

Grasping the nettle
Lost in between
I was stuck in the middle
Of a stolen dream

I knew it was wrong
But it felt so good
What we held together
Was clear and understood

I didn’t think of you
I only thought of me
There was only one outcome
That I could see

In my mindscape
I thought I belonged
But in the cold light
It felt so wrong

Ian Clark · 296 days ago
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12.10.2019 (296 days ago)
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Stolen dream