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Standing Rock

 Standing Rock


I may be a white man

but I stand with Standing Rock

rock solid till we win

'cause if we don't win then everything is lost

Verse 1:

They're tryin' to shove a pipeline

deep as they can go

across the native nations

down to the Gulf of Mexico.

They don't care about the water,

don't care 'bout human needs,

only care 'bout their shareholders

in all their thoughtless greed.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 2:

The earth was never ours

we live here awhile

some leave it pure and clean

some abuse and defile

The time has come to gather

and own all the strength we have

to save our Mother Earth

from those who see Her as their slave.

Repeat chorus:

Stanfield Major · 1422 days ago
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Standing Rock