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Shooting for the Stars

I believe we all have a purpose; search our whole lives trying to be a better person. But this surface is not what it seems, gotta look a little harder and dig a little deeper; a leader inside be surprised what you find, broaden your horizon see the other side is greener. Must capture the moment, hold on to dear life; can’t let it slip away from your line of sight. Don’t want to know how it feels to never know; watching your dreams fade away right as the wind blows. Time to reach for the impossible, with a logical approach believe anythings possible. No obstacle too big, it comes naturally, guaranteed to overload your minds capacity; got the audacity to against the odds, bound by no limits shooting for the stars.

JR Ramirez · 838 days ago
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02.11.2021 (838 days ago)
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Shooting for the Stars