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She told me

2018                    She told me.

She told me she would be honest in every word that she said

And she told me in a whisper I will be the only one in her bed

And then she told me another lie that I believed in for one more time

But then she cheated on my heart-leaving my broken heart behind

So those words she often whispered when we were closely side by side

Just turned out to be untrue-and she kept on whispering one more lie

And never did I imagine by her sweet smile always within sight

That she would become a cheating lover when out late each Friday night

But by the dress that she wore out I should have known better at the time

For so many would often notice her-and that I didn’t really mind

But then her friend she told me that she had been playing around

And it was a different man every Friday night-while out with the girls on the town

So those words were never honest every time she used to whisper low

For she had slept with so many different men before I finally got to know

And when I told her what I found out-she just smiled and then told another lie

But I could no longer believe in what she said-so there came our last goodbye.

Rod Orchard · 775 days ago
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She told me