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She's in my nightmares too

Ya, ya, mm, yea, uh-huh


A killer mix, yuh mhm
She says that:

My nightmares are beautiful, my dreams just me cause pain

She wanna hear me screams in the rain

I'm broken and bruised and she know it’s insane

But she want to hear all y’all just scream out my name

All of the kids, Asleep in their beds

Subconsciously anxious, removing their heads

The white sheets red

The bloodstained bed

The meek and the innocent just hurt instead

The baby blues and pinks you see

They make or break a melody

I hold on to the past I try to forget
But she wont let me she's up in my head
Every step I take I see her right there
Yea, I been betrayed, not just in my nightmares
In my mind, yo, shes what plays on rewind
She’ll chase me around, the feelings i find
I chase all my friends
Don't look round the bend
The nightmares won't end
In my rage I feel locked up in a cage
My dreams live short lives, my nightmares don't age
They tell me i'm crazy but they don't see,
Behind the scenes
What she does to me…
The pain she caused me
The way i can't breathe
they see tons of leaves
The Nightmares are branching
Outa me

Sorry to disappoint, but it's the end

cozYnot productions · 194 days ago
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03.11.2020 (194 days ago)
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She's in my nightmares too