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She's got what it takes

You watch her walk around the room
Right in front of you
with a style and a flair
That makes you stop and stare
nothing much you can do

With a look that overflows
everybody seems to know
her elegance and grace
never goes to waste
When she putting it up on show

She leaves you with a sort of feeling
you can’t describe the meaning
You get an overwhelmed sensation
And a real anticipation
you won't need to understand
You’ll be just putty in her hands

Cause If she needs it
Shes gonna find it
No ones gonna stand in her way
Yes if she wants it
Shes gonna get it
shes really got what it takes

She can fill your empty heart
Make it clear form the start
She will throw you with look
That will pull you on her hook
With the twinkle in her eye
And set your world on fire

She’s alive in every way
She’ll take your breath away
In a beauty to behold
You won’t be able to control
The feelings lead you astray
But she'll always make your day

She knows how to blow your mind
When she’s giving all the signs
Just one twist of your arm
She’ll wrap you up in her charm
And when she lays down by your side
You'll be all in for the ride

Ian Clark · 329 days ago
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11.04.2019 (329 days ago)
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She's got what it takes