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She has it all and more

With a face to light up
A darkened room
The minute she walks
into view

one glance your way
is all it takes
to cast her spell
and blow your mind away

the warmth of her smile
can make your legs go weak
your tongue gets tied
and you just can’t speak

when shes right beside
your heart skips a beat
you run hot and cold
from your head to your feet

She has it all and more
it's something you can't ignore
shes got a certain beauty
with a style to match
one look and you'll be hooked
and that's a simple fact

She has it all and more
flowing from every pore
inside her she has love
running through her soul
from a living work of art
a force of nature to behold

the sound of her voice
is music to your ears
when she sets the tone
you hear it loud and clear

she’ll creep into your head
in the dead of night
gather up your thoughts
when you’re too tired to put up a fight

she’ll awaken your sense’s
when she passes by
and have you bending backwards
to find a way inside

cause her look of love
is flowing through your veins
when she breaks you down
her love will tie you up in chains

All the pieces of the jigsaw
somehow fell into place
when she comes into focus
the world is her stage

Ian Clark · 1303 days ago
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11.04.2019 (1303 days ago)
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She has it all and more