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It ain't despite the darkness that I'm drawn to you

You make me feel a way only the dark can do

It's the madness not the method that I'm looking for

It's the fire in those eyes that make me want you more

You're like an ocean's push and pull I'll never know the tide

You have your ups and your downs like a rollercoaster ride

I never know what to expect when you show up at my door

But the despite the disrespect I always come back for more

I love the darkness in your eyes

You're like a moon without a sun

Love tht you don't bother with lies

Cause empty words are worse than none

You'll be my moon I'll be your star

So when the darkness comes and goes

We can be who we are

Together we're creating shadows

Kozo Pinkwillow · 1088 days ago
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