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Say You Will

Say You Will

Say You Will

Jesus please say you will carry me

Deliver me across the stormy sea

Jesus will you al aways love me

Break my earthly chains set me free

Jesus please say that you always will

Comfort me whenever I'm feeling ill

And be the very air  that I  now breath

Be the only strength that I truly need

Be the blood that courses in my veins

Jesus in my life you'll always remain

Jesus guide me as long as I shall live

For you have endless love to give

As sure as the stars shine above

Say that you will always give me love

Be the light amongst my dark skies

Don't let a day of your tenderness go by

Take my heart up to where angels fly

Say you will never have to say goodbye

By Gary Edward Allen 2020

Gary Allen · 881 days ago
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Say You Will