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Savannah Shines

She’s got a smile and a look in her eyes

That’ll stop you dead in your tracks

She’s got a tendency to go little wild

Behind her daddy’s back

She’s got time to kill and 

she’s living for the thrill takes it straight no chaser

I call her up and I say what’s up

She says it’s now or never

She sneaks out

Gets into my truck

She don’t seem to give a you know what

Savannah Shines

Shines like a dying star in the Southern Sky

Savannah Shines

Shines like glitter in the mirror looking back at the vegas lights

She’s got her hair tied back and her perfume’s strong

like the whiskey that we’re sipping on

We’re headed into the dark of the night but it’s alright

that’s where Savannah Shines

We got Windows down and our cell phones off 

just feeling the breeze

all black but the headlights on a dirt road

her eyes are on me

Phoenix Rose · 912 days ago
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  •  Leslie Robinson: 
    Great you have any chords...I have some ideas but would love to hear what you have going on it.
     899 days ago 
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  •  Shruthi Ranganathan: 
    I like the lyrics of this song, but the am not able to follow the structure or syllable count. Do you have a tune for this?
     903 days ago 
    0 points
  •  Ylva Blom: 
    I like the lyrics of this song, but have a hard time following the structure and rhyme scheme. Does it have a verse/chorus form? I love the geographical imagery with Savannah, Georgia and Southern skies. Therefore I would change Vegas to something else that is geographically related to the same place.
     911 days ago 
    0 points
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Savannah Shines