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Rosetta Stone

Floating with the clouds, looking down upon the earth, observing all of the destruction!

Separating facts from the lies and artifacts. 

What went wrong with this construction?

When I was a boy I had a crystal radio.

I thought it all just so mysterious.

I listened every night,

In my blankets wrapped up tight.

Now life is oh so much more serious.

(I ask you) 

Why are they here?

Where'd they come from?

I want to believe

We're not alone. 

So small and so gray

They're here to stay

Just leave them alone

Rosetta Stone 

Miracles and Magic.

Triumphant and the tragic,

They coexist together.

Wondering what is real.

Is this weightlessness I feel?

I am lighter than a feather.

The oceans and the wind,

Magnetic currents and the sin 

of all humanity surrounds us.

Energy and flow,

Higher power’s sinking low.

Don't look now they're all around us.

Why are you here?

Where'd you come from?

I want to believe,

we're not alone.

I see the lights of Phoenix

Hovering horizontal 

Lanterns in the desert.

Friends of mine keep calling

Enemies are crawling 

Somebody’s gonna get hurt.

Surface to the center

Outer to the inner

My ear's upon the tracks now.

Listening for some traffic

I filter out the static 

Communication breakdown.

© 2016 Jason R. Ferguson, All Rights Reserved

Jason Ferguson · 744 days ago
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Rosetta Stone