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I could tell by the look in your eyes, the way you smiled I was in for a ride, maybe even the time of my life. Not A strong shot of 101 nor a cigarette can get me close to where you did, I'm still searching for that high today, it's been years but I can't help wonder where you'd be now.
When I think maybe I'm moveing on your memory pops up an I'm back searching for that ride of a lifetime. Your smile still lights up my day, your eyes see threw my soul, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, where I've been, how I feel or what I say because baby your always on my mind.
I pour myself a shot hoping to forget and in the end I always end up crying out your name, asking God why he took you instead, why couldn't it be me!?
You were the one who begged me not to go an still I did, if I hadn't maybe you'd still be here holding me, Ive tried to love your memory away, Ive drank till I couldn't drink, I've smoked till my eyes were blood shot an Everytime I wake up missing you more. If I could have one more ride baby I'd be fine.

Crystal Flahardy · 890 days ago
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