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I lit a candle in the dark

I don’t know where I found the spark.

We stayed until we heard the lark.

In our small corner of the park.

Above the crypts and tombs below.

I chose to let my feelings show.

Those images still move and flow.

Please turn them off before you go.

Put it to rest. Time’s almost gone.

Close to the vest, It’s time to move on.

You passed the test but my score was too low

Another dawn melting like the snow.

We live for each other.

We’re two of a kind

You’re the beat in my heart

The first thought on my mind.

I trust you with my life.

I know you feel this way too.

We we’re bound to each other

When we both said “I do.”

Jason Ferguson · 137 days ago
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05.12.2020 (137 days ago)
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