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Power of the heart

Once there was a wise man who knew a lot more,

More than most people at his time would know.

He knew how to be happy, joyful and free,

He knew how to live life to always succeed.


The man became famous for his great success.

People who watched him was very impressed.

They started to copy his every single step,

They started to be him, they tried their best.


But none of them succeeded, not even a bit.

They couldn’t find out what was the man’s trick.

Nothing that they did, brought them success,

They didn’t feel joy, nor felt happiness.


Till one boy from the crowd went to the man,

He asked if there`s a secret? Some hidden demand?

The man looked at the boy and gave him a smile,

And then said very kindly: “One size doesn’t fit all.


Open your heart, friend, look deep inside.

What does it tell you? Where does it guide?

If you want to find your life’s true success,

You must listen to the heart and follow its quest.


Follow your heart, friend, please give it a try,

The heart knows your purpose, while the brain tends to lie.

Follow your heart, friend, please give it a try,

It will show you the way, it will be your guide.”

Agate Ehrenskjöld · 783 days ago
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Power of the heart