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Park St. Blues

Taking the train back to Park Street

Tired of hanging round here (2X)

I've been looking all over town

Can't find a lover anywhere

I think I'll let the notes on my guitarĀ 

Floss away the pain

Better let the notes on my guitar

Floss away the pain

Since my honey left me

I swear I'm not the same

People keep telling me:

You spend all your time in your room

Strumming that 12 bar blues

When it comes to women you haven't a clue

I thought maybe I'd take up dancing instead

Women like men that can dance at the bar (2x)

But the last woman I asked to dance said," You better stick to guitar."

Now I'm back where I was before

Playing the blues til quarter to Four

Singing the same old blues

As the tears start to pour

John Hyland · 1937 days ago
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06.08.2015 (1937 days ago)
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Park St. Blues