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Parallel Line

Verse 1:

            Remember that first job we shared

The dingy office in the square

The laughs we had

Some days we cried

But nothing bad

Could break our stride

I loved that job cos in the end

I knew it gave me my best friend



It’s funny how our lives have run

Along a parallel line

How great our friendship has become

Along that parallel line

There’s nothing I won’t do for you

You saved me from my past

And anything that I can do

You only have to ask


Verse 2:

Remember how we married young

Our lives took us to different turns

I could not see

So much of you

I was not free

And nor were you

Our friendship though it stuck like glue

My life is rich because of you


Repeat Chorus


Verse 3:

Remember how my world collapsed

You helped to wash away the black

Lost all I had

In deep despair

You took my hand

And kept it there

You are my army through and through

I would not be here but for you



There are no words

To let you know

Just what your friendship means

But in this world

Wherever you go

You’ll have a friend in me


Repeat chorus



            Anything that I can do

You only have to ask

Angie Kuske · 937 days ago
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Parallel Line