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Over an done

You said it was over an done
You walked away but I couldn't
Each day that passes is another day in hell, loving you kept me sane, I felt complete, baby tell me how can I ever be ok without you!?!
How can you go on like nothing every happened, like all these years, the tears, the moments we shared was nothing!?
Each tender kiss
Every slow dance
The long talks
The romanace
You holding me like a strong branch, was it all a show!?! Did we really break?  
Or did I not mean a thing?! 

You said it was over an done but here we are face to face and it feels as if there's still something within us. 

Can we try again or should I just walk away as you did.

Crystal Flahardy · 1498 days ago
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04.18.2018 (1498 days ago)
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Over an done