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Our Savior

Our Savior

Jesus save me from my darkest night

Our Savior bring me into your Holy light

Lord please hear my passionate prayer

Say that before dawn you will be there

Jesus accompany me on this road so long

Tell me all my youthful days are not gone

Don't let me walk my path all on my own

Shine your light to forever guide me home

Your blessed hand wipe away all of my tears

Abolishing the ghost of all my lifelong fears

Jesus walk with me all the rest of my days

Bring hope to my heart never parting ways

Lord take me under your wings of white

Be my source of comfort both day and night

Scatter my ashes when I lay down to die

Taking my spirit to your mansions in the sky

By Gary Edward Allen 2020

Gary Allen · 590 days ago
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Our Savior