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Open up your heart

We’ve come this far
In our human race
Caused a commotion
In the people chase

Fought our battles
With no common ground
Tortured our souls
Without making a sound

We’ve rode our luck
On a wheel of chance
Watching pennies drop
Leaves us in a trance

Burned the bridges
We hoped to cross
Took it in our stride
When our dreams got lost

There will come a time
When you reach a point
To find a place
Where something has to count

When the ride gets too rough
And the road gets tough
Reach out your hand
And open up your love

When days get too much
And you think you’ve had enough
Reach onto your heart
And open up your love

Let your love flow
Inside and out
Let it all go
Let it scream and shout

Yes let your love flow
Outside and in
Let it all go
Till it gets under your skin

You always have one choice
When all boils down
You can make your own noise

To turn everything around

Ian Clark · 329 days ago
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10.31.2019 (329 days ago)
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Open up your heart