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Open invitation

I’ve been wading through my emotions
To clear a path to you
passing by precious moments
That I hoped one day
Would get through

I’ve been making strange observations
That you’re moving too slow
Are you somehow hesitating
Tell me now
Cause I really want to know

It wouldn’t take a thousand words
To tell you how I feel
I don’t need to move a mountain
To show you
That my love for you is real

As far as I see
It’s down to you and me
To find the answers
From behind the scenes

As far as I know
what we have to show
depends on the outcome
How our story goes

my heart is waiting
with an open invitation
for your love
to step inside

my heart is aching
in anticipation
so please hurry
don’t try to hide

all I need is a hand
Io help me understand
what I can do
To open your mind
And put things right

Give me a sign
And say you’ll be mine
what can I do
To get through to you
To turn on the light

Ian Clark · 328 days ago
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11.04.2019 (328 days ago)
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Open invitation