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Once in a While

Verse 1:

A pair of jeans on my floor
That old blue flannel
I don't wear anymore
The falling rain reminds me
Of the love that we made before

It's been 2 years since you went
New York apartment
And a southern accent
You said you'd never lose yourself
I guess that was what you meant

Chorus 1:

And I keep wasting moments
Wondering who took my spot in your bed
And laughing at the jokes you used to tell me
That got stuck in my head
And I just got the nerve to call you up
So I could hear your smile
So tell me do you think about me
Once in a while?

Verse 2:

California's alright
Sometimes I get in my car and just drive
Up the PCH to Malibu and miss you
'Til I see the sunrise

Chorus 2:

And how could it be October
When it's 80 degrees outside?
And no one in this town appreciates
The kind of movies we like
Well I won't keep you long I know
It's late out there on Eastern time
But tell me do you maybe miss me
Once in a while?


But enough about me
How's that life you left me for?
Did you get all you wanted and more?
I still hope you do
'Cause like it or not
I'm still in love with you


I'm still in love with you

Do you think about me
Once in a while?

Allen Miller · 761 days ago
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Once in a While