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On My Skin

[Verse 1]

I want to, yeah I want to
Ink it in on my skin, make sure you're here with me forever
And I miss you, oh I miss you
Cause I believed when you said "no matter what lies ahead we'll be in this together"

But that's all over now


Cause I can't seem to bring you back
Yeah and all that I've got left
Is a hole where my heart's once been
I'm out here crying all alone
Knowing you'll never come home
But you're still with me here on my skin
You'll always be with me on my skin

[Verse 2]

Cause you left me all alone
And I know you had no choice
But I can't help but wish you did
Cause now I'm out here on my own
Missing the sound of your voice
And the feeling of your fingertips

But that's all long gone now



And I can't walk past our old place
With memories I can't erase
Cause it always leaves me crying for you
I can't visit the cemetery
Cause there's a stone where you should be
And it breaks me every time that I do
Yeah it breaks me every time that I do

I guess I'm going down


Kozo Pinkwillow · 676 days ago
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On My Skin