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Oh Delia

Oh Delia, Oh Delia
Why do you cry for me?
I thought I made you happy
When I set you free.
I never made you anxious
I never touched your soul
The world called up and thanked us
When our wedding was no more.

Oh Suzy, Oh Suzy
Look at the mess I’m in
Did I really love you,
Or was it just the gin?
Were you the angel in my dreams
Or did you know my name?
It’s not as simple as it seems;
And I’ll never be the same.

Oh Molly, Oh Molly
Look at the clothes you wear
I swore I’d make a queen of you
But now I just despair
I never turned a penny
I never turned a dime
I only turned forty
Way before my time

Oh Sara, Oh Sara
I’ll take a picture of you
A bright blue dress and fire red hair
And sunshine yellow shoes.
I’ll make a hundred copies
And send fifty off to you
And the rest, I would request
Be hung up at the Louvre’

Oh Maggie, Oh Maggie
I’ve known you for so long
You’ve cried upon my shoulder
and you’ve helped me get along
Have you ever wondered
Have you ever thought
What our lives would have been like
If we had gotten caught?

Love will come, and love will go
Love will  stay awhile.
It’s when you think it says goodbye
That someone says hello.

Mike Klein · 1041 days ago
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02.06.2017 (1041 days ago)
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Oh Delia