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Ocean Eyes


Verse 1:

Down by the seashore I found a shell

and I was alone when I put it next to my ear

I closed my eyes and I traveled somewhere

and when my eyes opened you stood so near

Verse 2

A deal with a genie must have been made

a vision of beauty was somehow within my reach

I closed my eyes but you were still there

I was laughin' as I left the beach


I'm swimmin' in your ocean eyes

leavin' the land for a far horizon

in your arms I feel the sea swell risin'

I'm rockin' like a baby

in the wonder of your ocean eyes

Verse 3

Time's done its dark deed, those years have passed,

and I am alone, at least I've got my memories,

I close my eyes and I can go back

I keep them closed and you're there with me

Repeat chorus

Stanfield Major · 1659 days ago
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Ocean Eyes