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Nothing you can do

She breathes new life
Inside of you
Every time she walks
Into the room

She tells your heart
What she wants from you
Because she knows
Exactly what to do

She can use all your senses
To break down your defences
When she wants to get through

It takes all her instincts
To crack your resistance
And there is nothing that you can do

When she looks in your eyes
You know you’ve won the prize
When she reaches deep inside
You know there is nowhere left to hide

You want her
Every single day
you see her
When she’s far away
You hear her
Every word she say’s

She looks good
like she knew she would
She's fine tuned
to get you in the mood
and when lips touch
It all gets too much

Ian Clark · 326 days ago
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11.03.2019 (326 days ago)
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Nothing you can do