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Not Like Me

I hold your picture close,

the one from in the park

I recall our last nights

as I lay in the dark


A silent and blank stare,

numb to the point of cold

Seeing all that once was

and what's left to unfold


An icy brush with death

that's been forcing my hand

I forget why I'm here...

I still don't understand...

I look at myself now

and at how far I've come

Am I ignorant now or

do I know what I've done?

It's not like me

to see the good in everybody

and it's not like me

to be the one to believe

it's not like me

I've never painted a

clearer picture for you

I never even tried

to tell you what to do

It's not like me,

to know that I'm gonna fall

and it's not like me,

to let my esteem grow tall

it is like me,

to see the cup half empty

but it's not like me,

to still hold on and believe

it's not like me,

it's not like me

it's not like me,

it's not like me

Michael Sanderson · 2916 days ago
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Not Like Me