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4.) No Light, No Sleep

Still staying up all night trying to find the knife that you left behind my back
I'm back to nowhere
Is there anybody out there?
Please! Listen to me...
I'm talking to myself now, and how, oh how could I talk myself out and leave?
Just leave my dream?
Don't want to kill myself now
I'll do the best I can now to be all that I can be
Don't let me be a nobody
I'm here to show you how to grow old with somebody
I'm nobody if you don't show me how to love
Don't you know?
That's why God made us
Still read your notes at night
And I'm trying to fight all you left behind on me
I feel so heavy
Get this burden off my back now, please!
I need relief
I need another chance now
I don't know how, but I've let myself drown and leave,
Just leave my beliefs
Just listen to yourself now,
You don't know how to believe in your fantasies
Tell me all your dreams
But look at me,
I've grown to be someone who knows not when to show love
Yes you could be
So happy without me,
But what about me?
I'm still drowning and I need:
Someone to pull me out
Just shout my name out loud
And believe me...
Cause when I pass out, I dream to hear you shout that you believe me
Please don't leave me alone...
Still praying every night that I'll find the light that I'm meant to find,
And be able to sleep...

Andrew Howard · 2237 days ago
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4.) No Light, No Sleep