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I hold on to the past I try to let go and forget 

But she wont let me forget

Every step I take I see her right their

The feeling of betrayal I see you in my nightmares 

In my mind thats playing in rewind

I chase all my friends away

In my rage I  feel locked up in a cage.

Im drowning in all my conflicts  the fire in my eyes 

then you realize what you done to me

Its all  over now Everyday Im living a nightmare now

I breathe in the air  I lost the feeling to care

I dont dare try again I hide in my shadows

Dont want anyone to see me like this.

Having these nightmares with you in them

That make me sweat in my sleep

and make me awake in a flame

Your all to blame as your rising to fame

I look back and this all seems really lame everyday Im feeling the same 

Christian Carlson · 806 days ago
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03.11.2020 (806 days ago)
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