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New Year Old Past

Verse 1:   Stayed away for so long/ pushing through these malodorous storms/ didn't know how I could be so strong/ to leave you behind the door./-/Your voice kept calling/ though quietly/ whispering to me/ "come find me"/-//

Bridge 1:  My strength failed/ I caved right in/ knowing that I'll loose control/-//

Chorus:   My White Dove is here/ forbidden love, comes alive/ sweet but deadly/ posion running through my arms/  my demons, come, alive/ while I, die, inside/-//

Verse 2:  The old familiar smell/ the old familiar weight/ hits my body well/  tho as a first date/-/
My soul becomes so numb/ as my breathing begins to fade/ my body becomes weightless/ as tho nothing in my veins/-//

Bridge 2:  My thoughts come back to me/ my heart begins to beat/ my voice I can hear/ listen to my song/-/

Chorus:  My White Dove is here/ forbidden love comes alive/sweet but deadly/ poison running through my arms/my demons come alive/ while I die, inside/-//

Final:   Finally I, am here/  my words, are, my own/ know me while you can/ for the posion has began.

Alexi Dillon · 188 days ago
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New Year Old Past