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Nap Dreams

Nap Dreams 

When I take a nap 

I have nap dreams 

Warm and fuzzy. 

Beautiful dreams. 

Love my naps. 

No midnite night mares. 

Only sweet dreams. 

Of you and me. 

Lovely dreams. 

Around noon. 

When I take a nap. 

You are always there. 

Rubbing my back. 

Sweet pie dreams. 

About you. 

Love to take my nap. 

In the afternoon. 

Your always there. 

Kissing me. 

All the time. 

I love my nap 

I love you 

You you you. 

© Copyright Jan 10th 2016 10:45 P.M. All Rights Reserved 

Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN/ASCAP) 

(;Yrral MallikWink 

Larry Killam · 1931 days ago
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Nap Dreams