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My Own Lover

Verse 1: I went through every day/ trying to play the game/ wanting to feel loved/ wanted to feel safe/-/ I tried to share my secrets/ my voice I wanted heard/ no one cared to listen/ so I gave up on words/-//

Verse2: My body became the show/ running after any man to fill the void/ heartache and torture/-/slammed against the door and/  skin was being torn to pieces/ my body was black and blue/ anything I had to do/ to feel this thing they said “love you”/-//

Chorus: I embrace my painful past/ I love my deadly demons/ no regrets or shame/ this is who I became/-/I'll walk alone in life/ dont need no man or wife/ Only voice I hear/ is me whispering/ I am my own lover/-//

Verse 3: Nothing could satisfy me/ so the White Dove became my song/ a forbidden love forever binding/ a sweet poison in the dark/-/ Nights I lay awake begging/ for the rainbow bridge to shine/ thought I was unlovable/ the lies so many times were sung/-//

Bridge: But I realize, now/ your shadow doesn't, count/ I don't need, your, hand/ on my own, I'll, stand/-/ love comes from, with, in/ my darkness is, my, light/ my voice will, be, heard/ screaming for all, lost, souls/-//

Chorus 2: Come early your painful past/ come love your deadly demons/ have no regrets or shame/ for this is how you became/-/I'll walk with you in life/ dont need no man or wife/ the only voice you need, to hear/ is you whispering/ “i am my own lover”/-//

Final: I don't need no other/ I am my own lover/ no opinions matter/ cuz you are your own lover/ you don't need no other/-/ I am my own love/-//

Alexi Dillon · 341 days ago
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My Own Lover