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My Caravel

I wandered in a wilderness

A winterland too vast

For any wanderer to witness or recall from his past.

A thousand lifetimes would expire exploring all the ways

One would spend his life and times exhausting all his days.

Now I venture out no more

Old wanderlust is done.

Now, wandering through my gardens, I belong to only one.


The treasure of all pleasures and the one who has my eye

Is my dear, my love sincere, and timeless, passing by.

Overwhelming!  Such a work of art upon a sea!

None has been her equal and none will dare ever be!


A ship that has adventured

And returned with tales to tell.

I’ve not seen one so elegant, 

An honored Caravel.

The waters bow and part before

In reverence, as well,

Pronouncing vacillations for my lovely Caravel.

Her undulation captivates, she rides upon the swell

An oscillating pendulant, my conquering Caravel.


Dutch Knickerbocker · 302 days ago
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My Caravel