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My Beloved

Verse 1
A blissful rainbow sky, not counting the reasons why
Unequivocal, beyond the exceptional
The strength of solid years, unsteadying all my fears
With no unspoken truths
Abiding care abound, for this is the love I found
Just like a cornerstone, a love I can call my own
A blossomed flowery field, with colourful appeal
A captivating view

Your endearing love to exemplify
The kindred soul, that I visualised
So let our love now symbolize
My beloved so sincere

Verse 2
No unbecoming chance, relating to our first dance
A monumental gaze, became the start of our days
The focus of your quest, exploring for the best
I’m truly glad it’s you
With such novelty, how much greater can this be
Let our cares recline, reflecting with sunshine
Flourishing so hale, yet of no measuring scale
I can count on you

Chorus x2

My beloved so sincere
My beloved so sincere 

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️

Geraldine Taylor · 1174 days ago
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My Beloved