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Mr. Twister Little Sister

Mr. Twister Little Sister 


Fishing for a date. 

Thought you would get a thrill. 

If you could see my skills. 

Can little sister come along. 

Yeah i guess. 

Did I say something wrong. 


From Mr.Twister. 

I got this blister. 

Little sister was laughing at me. 

If I'm amusing 

I'm not abusing. 

Baby you like my style. 

It's a big one honey get the net. 

Honey look at that jet. 

Jet flew so low. 

I felled in the net. 

Little sister was cracking up by now. 

Little sister will stay home next time. 

From Mr. Twister I got this blister. 

Little Sister was laughing at me. 


Got my line stuck in a tree. 

Little sister laughed at me. 

Are you fishing for birds. 

Cast out my line. 

Lands on this guy. 

Now he's yelling obscenities. 

Line tangled up. 

With this other guys. 

He yells more obscenities. 

Little sister is laughing at me. 



Got a germ. 

When I put on this worm. 

Put on a crab it grabs my hand. 

Man that smarts. 

Little sister is laughing at me. 



In my pocket. 

A golden rocket. 

Little sister she's in a hurry. 

Saids she wants to go home. 

Oh I got a big one. 

See my skills. 

Little sister cuts my line. 

Claims she didn't do it. 

I think we need a jury.Little sister will stay home next time. 

Copyright © 2005 Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN)

Larry Killam · 1328 days ago
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Mr. Twister Little Sister