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More beautiful than words

The more I try to explain
What I feel for you
My tongue gets tied
Nothing gets through

The more I want to say
How much you mean to me
The truth wants to hide
And run in retreat

My legs go weak
My mouth won’t speak
I start to crumble
then fall apart at the seams

My heart skips a beat
When you turn on the heat
I stutter and stumble
And end up in a heap

you send me in overdrive
Then Tip me overboard
When you take me for a ride
Cause You’re more beautiful
than words

You play a different tune
When you arrange the chords
I’m so in love with you
Cause you’re more beautiful
than words

When I look in your eyes
I realise
Everything will be ok

One touch of your hand
I understand
How you blow all the clouds away

Every work of art
Written from the heart
Wouldn’t try to even compare

Any masterpiece
Would be incomplete
Until I see you standing there

Ian Clark · 939 days ago
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11.02.2019 (939 days ago)
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More beautiful than words