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Monsters and Friends

How did I get here?

I didn’t want it. 

It was handed to me.

Right there. 

Next to the basket and electric chair.

Keep calm. Don’t start a race toward the other room.

Not yet.

How did I find you? 

I picked this hiding place the day we first met.

All feel. I want to hold you under, get you wet.

So real I can’t believe that I’m not dreaming.

Such a tight space.

So tight it made me lose my mind/a little.

I find my center when we’re together

juxtapose the weeds with roses.

Looking at you in your sweater

Spinning vinyl 

I’ll try to keep from going crazy

won’t forget her.

We’re rolling cigarettes

the room’s completely smoky blue and hazey.

Can’t forget the way you crawl along the floor

Just like a kitten, when I stroke your cheek , your fine tuned motor starts a purrin’.

© 2018 Jason R. Ferguson, All Rights Reserved

Jason Ferguson · 1115 days ago
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Monsters and Friends