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6.) Monster!

I don't feel numb, I just don't feel at all
And I'm all alone
I'm just finding myself on my own,
Cause I've grown into a beast
And I feast on the drugs and the love that I never return
And the new me looks in the mirror and I see what I fear in my dreams,
The monster of me
I couldn't see how I've lost so badly
I don't believe it
Can't receive it
Who do I see,
When I'm deep in the ocean of me?
But all you see,
Is the shell that I've painted with grief
And the man I am becoming all these days,
Mean nothing to me
Cause all I see,
The monster of me
I still can't see,
All of this joy that's inside of me,
Cause I've been blinded,
By this beast that's been eating at me...

Andrew Howard · 1867 days ago
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6.) Monster!