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Moment of Clarity

She's worse than I thought,

she's scared and I'm lost

but we're changing,

we're growing apart

and what's strange seems

closest to the heart

She's the worm in my head,

she's the whore in my bed

She's the symptom and the cure

The drug that holds me

seems to be slipping

and we're changing,

we've grown apart

She's the drug in my veins,

she's the love I can't fake,

She's the only one for me

Michael Sanderson · 1221 days ago
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  •  Memphis Griffin: 
    this is great i dont really know your style but you could turn this into something really heavy and edgy maybe even a bit dark .. to me this song has a " shes a pretty flower but i want to rip the petals off "type of vibe i would love to hear you vision for the aong
     1185 days ago 
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Moment of Clarity