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Miss Lucy

I have a once upon a homeless kitten

who is wishing one someday to be a cat.

She’s called Miss Lucy but could be called Miss Chevous,

much cuddlier, way cuter than all that.


A vest she wears in stripes of black and grey

the front of which she likes to keep undone.

Her blouse so white and laced up to her neckline

so prim and proper, she’s a modest one.


She loves sitting on the window sill

to prey upon the birds out in the sun.

She’s crouched and set to pounce on one until

a chipmunk shows and there she goes

from one window to the next one she will run.


She loves her little ball and loves to fetch

to bat it up and down across the floor.

She’s so quick that she can even catch

she’ll take a bite and hold it tight

and bob her way to Mum to play some more.


Words are not sufficient to describe her

she’s yet so entertaining on the sly.

She’s adoring, she’s the one

who loves inventing having fun

her day is brimming with P-L-A-Y.


Dutch Knickerbocker · 390 days ago
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Miss Lucy