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Mikhail and The Actor

Bruce Springsteen's on the radio

And it's nineteen -eighty-four

There's and actor in the White House

A man you can't ignore

Over in the Soviet Union

The country comes alive

To the noise of a new leader

And it's nineteen-eight-five

He's charismatic and he's charming

And new words will now be spoken

In the East they refer to glasnost

perestroika(and he's not joking)

The name of the man is Mikhail

He's applauded in the West

But over in the new Russia

His impact is suppressed

But you and I had just met then

Now many years ago

Thankfully we're still together

But what was the world to know

Five years from that last date

And the actor's not around

But Mikhail will his influence

Has brought a great wall down

The world we knew so long ago

Has changed,some say for worse

But describes the events of yesteryear

When leaders would converse

There's a new man in the White House now

An actor, who can tell ?

In Russia there's another voice

Who says that all is well

Thinking back now over thirty years

When you were just twenty five

The actor and Mikhail together

Helped this old world survive.

Ian Tuton · 1699 days ago
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Mikhail and The Actor