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Magical World

We turn our back on this city just for half a day

Go to a place that we can’t pronounce the name

I look in your eyes and I see deep within you’re so insecure

I think of what I say and do and still I’m not sure

As the world keeps turn but I can’t say why

You take a chance and put your hand in mine

It’s all that we were looking for


Maybe when the sun goes down

There’ll be no reason for the here and now

Put all the little pieces that don’t fit over to one side

And sing to the sound of our arms open wide

Cos the world keeps turning but we can’t say why

You take a chance and with your hand in mine


Everything will find its place in this magical world if you’ve got the time

Everything will start to unfold if you step right in and let this begin

Cos it’s all we’ve ever needed and a little more

Philip Hollamby · 1187 days ago
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Magical World