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Loving you

When I wake up with you
By my side
I start to get a warm feeling
Down deep inside

Worries and cares
Seem to disappear
Nothing else comes close
When I have you near

loving you
Means everything to me
You take all my dreams
And turn them into reality

Loving you
Means everything to me
You Light a way to your heart
I can clearly see

When I open my mind with you
We step inside
Theres another world for us
Only we can find

Every though and care
Seems to fade away
Hand in hand
You take me all the way

I just have to see your smile
To make me come alive
Every feeling I have known
Starts to arrive

Just one look in your eyes
Brings my heart back to life
And I know everything
Is gonna be alright
When I have you
By my side

Ian Clark · 329 days ago
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11.02.2019 (329 days ago)
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Loving you