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Love that was never meant to be
I take a shot for you
and everything we did
and everything we once was and our relationship.
Everything was straight when we first started dating
never thought id see the day
when its both our hearts breaking
So I'm, drinking every weekend
speaking so pedants
staring at my phone wondering if I should call
tell you how I feel cos the pain still hasn't healed
everything feels out of place, I think a part of me was killed
when I let you go thinking we could take it slow
but one weeks past already found another girl to hold
I should have known I mean
your in college right?
You probably met someone at some fucking party right?
I see it coming but chose to ignore it
in hopes that we could find each others love and then restore it
but you went out exploring
exploring like its a game
and I'm just sitting back like why the fuck do things change
cos things change and there aint shit that you can do about it
but take the blame for all the ballshit that you provided
I cant deny it, Ive made my mistakes
but I was tryna fix them, and now its too late.
2ND VERSE<><><>
So I guess this is it! My final words
I really do wish the best for you even if it hurts
I hope you find yourself a better douche
one that you deserve
I hope she does what I could never do and show you what its worth when it works.
Imagine love without a struggle
just happiness and peace with a couple never crumbles
a stumble here and there but the sound is so suddle
cos the word remains humble when the world starts to rumble
and I promise you wont never forget my name
when you needed help I'm the one who always fuckin came
I'm the one who picked you up when you slipped up in the rain
I'm the one who took you back when you left me in such pain
you remember that? all that ball shit you said!
you love me to the end now your loving her instead
I cant bet that your love comes from your deepest regrets
of a love that was never meant to BE
leah hill · 2116 days ago
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12.13.2016 (2116 days ago)
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Love that was never meant to be