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Loose cannon

Standing on the edge
Of another abyss
When you take me in hand
its just too good to miss

Play me as you want
don’t hold back
I’m down on bended knees
When you lay your trap

Rise to every occasion
Every chance I get
There’s a surge of elevation
When you close your net

Study every pasture
you dare to reveal
I’m all yours to capture
Cause I know my fate is sealed

cause I’m your loose cannon
I’m ready to go
Just one look at you
And I’m out of control

I’m your loose cannon
Ready to explode
With my finger on the trigger
Get ready to reload

theres a sudden rush of blood
with every head you turn
you know the signs are good
when you cause a stir

taking on a new dimension
when you’re in the mood
you defy all comprehension
message understood

Cause I’m your loose cannon
Feel free to explore
You’ll see so many places
You have never heard

I’m your loose cannon
Come on climb aboard
I’ll take you as far as the eye can see
And back around the world

climb up my periscope
while I undress you with my naked eye
extend my telescope
So I can reach you deep inside
Then I’ll know you from within
I’ll know you inside out
It’ll always be my pleasure
To hear you scream and shout

Ian Clark · 939 days ago
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11.02.2019 (939 days ago)
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Loose cannon