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Living quaking mind – the only rest of former person,
The only essence of consciousness is still alive - 
And blocked tightly in a motionless body – to worsen?
Life-giving senses are diving into the abyss of demise.

Let me out! Let me scream!
The encapsulated mind inside the body-prison – pseudocoma. 

Last thread, connected to the real world is broken -
Unblinking eyes are stared into the expanse.
Complete paralysis gripped the once strong body – as foretoken.
Cast the endless dormancy without pain – to final circumstance.

I’m here – screaming inside!
My consciousness is looking to the inner space of the mind.

No cure is known to save the locked one, no happy end.
One tiny bite of krait brings toxic venom to your blood -
Annihilating movements and killing nerves to death portends.
The pure stream of life flows away from the body, like a scud.
Don’t look inside – it's gone.
The only empty shell is here.

Siarhei Dabravolski · 48 days ago
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