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Like Thunder

They say he was a lonesome desperado
And that he had killed three men in Abiline.
They saw his ghost ride fast through Colorado
And his blood run in an ice cold mountain stream

Then they heard the sound of thunder
And they caught the fire in his eyes
And they all began to wonder
If they’d live, or they’d give, their lives to the man of thunder.

The preacher asked if they put him six feet under
Or if they let that devil get away
The sheriff threw back his whiskey and he mumbled
“Don’t worry, justice was get away”

Oh  he had heard the sound of thunder
And he’d seen the fire in his eyes
As he begged him he began to  wonder
If he’d live or if he’d give, his life to the man of thunder.

And now that my days may be numbered
And the snow has drifted up upon my door
I think back to my days of a fateful summer
And I listen for that posse’s hooves once more

And I hear the sound of thunder
And I saw that fire in  the sky
And I close my eyes and wonder
How I lived, And how I’d give
To ride again, as the man of thunder .

Mike Klein · 1440 days ago
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Like Thunder